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 Which Countries Do You Ship?
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 Terms and Conditions

 Avaliable Shipping Methods    Secure Shopping

• How Do I Track My Order?

  • How Do I Find My Purchase on my billing

   You can find us next to the purchase amount  
   under the name “RS Jewelry.

• Changing Your Address
   If you would like to change your address
   before your order is shipped, please contact us
   and we will update the address in our files

  • Available Payment Methods

• My Promotional Code Doesn’t Work.
   What Should I Do?

   First check if you are connected to the website,
    Most of the codes are only for registered        

    If the code still does not work, please contact
    our customer service to resolve the issue.

• Changing an Order After Placing it
   If you have already placed your order but you

   selected the wrong product or want to change
   the personalisation details, please contact our
   customer service!
   We will update your order with no additional
   fee if you placed your order in the last 12 hours
   or if you ordered a non-personalised item

• Why am I unable to use more than 1
   promotional coupon code?
   Please note that only 1 promotional code / coupon
   can be used per purchase.

• Cancelling an Order

• Return and Refund Policy

• I received damaged item 
  If you receive a damaged item,
  • How Do I Place an Order?
   Placing an order is very easy! 
   1) Select the personalised item you like and fill out
       the info box with all the required details
  please contact Customer Service with a picture
  of the damaged item so that we can examine the
  issues and prevent further occurrences.
  Once the picture is received, we will work to find a suitable
  solution for you.

• Not Satisfied with Your Purchase
   If you are not satisfied with your purchase,
   please contact customer service and send us a picture.
   Also, please read our Return and Cancellation Policy.
      2) Once you are done adding all the details, click    
         the “Add to Cart” button. 
    3) You can continue Shopping and then click on
        “My Cart” to view your order. 
    4) Select your Shipping Method that you want. 
    5) Click “Proceed to Checkout” button and finish
         your purchase on the secured page. 
    6) Once your purchase is complete, you will
         receive a confirmation email.
• Mistake Made in Order
  If the mistake was made, please send us an email with
  all the details along with a picture of your order.This will
  allow us to understand what happened and prevent this
  mistake from happening in the future.

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